Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring 2013 Accessories: Pretty Pastels

I am so excited for this seasons accessories! Not sure how I feel about the big bauble thing that's coming up this fall, but that is for later. For now, pastels! Beautiful, feminine, fun pastels! Admittedly, I pretty much always wear these colors, regardless of the season or weather, so I'm actually looking forward to wearing what I always do and actually being on trend. Hurray for convenience and money saving!

Sorry I didn't tag the designer and webpage to these images, but I got them off my pinterest and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to links and other complicated technological business. Plus they are extremely expensive, so these images are more of a shopping inspiration for broke college students than an actual shopping list.

As for the actual list, how pretty are these pieces? The Prada tortoise and blush cat-eye sunglasses are the coolest I think I have ever seen. I'm also extremely partial towards the white Kate Spade watch (then again I love everything she does, so I'm pretty biased). What about you? Anyone else pumped for the return of the pastel, or is everyone pretty sick of the whole retro business that's been going on since Mad Men began?

As Always, xoxo TRAX

The Goods:


Perfectly subtle while not being subtle at all. Sigh.

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