Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Extreme Fashion: Some Crazy Collections of RTW Fall 2013 Part 1

Alexander Wang
Um. What? While boxy jackets have become every street styler’s staple this winter, I’m having some trouble wrapping my head around this show. Gigantic fur gloves? Fuzzy nun hoods? Hairy wolf pants? wrote that Wang got inspiration from boxing, even playing Eye of the Tiger during the show. I suppose I can see the connection with the long, oversized gloves and boxy outerwear. I just don’t understand  the overuse of brushed mohair and wool, particularly with those unflattering werewolf sweatpants. All they make me think of is women who don’t shave their legs in the winter. And that is not very glamorous OR very Wang.

I haven’t heard what the inspiration for Threeandfour’s collection was, but my money is on alien rock-dwellers. I actually went back and checked to see if this was a ready-to-wear collection because I honestly couldn’t believe it. I could mayyybe see the tan skirt being purchasable without the gigantic bubble-print sweater, or the suit being worn without the chaps/bellbottom attachment. The fabric looks to be of good quality. Perhaps the problem with this collection was styling, not design. Though I’m not so sure of anyone who creates that torn, beaded black number and goes, “Yeah! I can totally sell this to people!” Or maybe the blue lipstick is throwing me off and I’m being overly critical. Just maybe.

Bibhu Mohapatra
This collection was pretty harmless, but I will not forgive a repeat of the enormous fuzzy pants. Also, that laundry-basket hat.

Jeremy Scott
Anyone else read the Goosebumps series? All I can think of. On a personal note, if I saw that guy in the mouth-suit coming towards me on the street, I would run VERY fast in the opposite direction and never look back. Heck, the wearer must startle himself every once in a while seeing it in his peripheral vision. Beauty-wise, the bedhead hairstyle on the models is quite fun paired with crazy green eyeliner and shadow. 

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