Friday, October 12, 2012

Homecoming Week!!

Every year, around the beginning of the school year, there comes a week that is coveted by college students. It encompasses everything from parades and concerts, to football games and free food. What is this revered and honored festival you ask? It’s Homecoming Week! Time to take out those party pants and brush up on the lyrics to the school song. With the variety of goings-on, what is a girl to wear? Well ladies, here is your style guide for Homecoming weekend 2012.

We live in Minnesota, and chances are that the rest of the week will be unbearably cold. For this year’s events, I would suggest breaking out those long underwear and packing on the layers. As there are usually a multitude of maroon and gold beads strewn about, it is easy to show your spirit with ways other that cut-up football t-shirt that you have donned for the past three football games. Pull out your warmest sweatshirt (preferably maroon and gold), grab your Golden Gopher blanket and get ready to show your school spirit!


written by Justine Tutewohl

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